Android Application Development

Android based mobile phones now garner almost 50% of the mobile phone market.  Our team of world class engineers and designers leverage Android capabilities to provide you with world class capabilities and applications for your Android devices.

Android Expertise

Our developers bring extensive experience in a wide variety of Android technolgies including:

  • Android SDK and NDK including libraries, debugging programs, emultators etc
  • Strong Java programming backgrounds
  • Video camera, touchscreen, GPS, accelerometer and magnetometer features for mobile phones
  • Bluetooth, 3G and WiFi APIs, Google APIs
  • Motion sensors, payments systems etc.
  • Excellent UI designs
  • Thoroughly tested applications for trouble free operations

Android Experience

Development projects and areas of interest include:

  • Social networking applications
  • Communications and connectivity applications
  • Location-based apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Productiveity and Utility apps
  • Business and finance applications

Android Samples

Doctor's Appointment App

Easy Learn