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Application Development

BayTech specializes in developing and maintaining scalable and robust applications to support various online activities.


BayTech can help you with all aspects of application development - from initial requirements definition, to architecture & design, to technology selection, to development and deployment. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Portals
  • CRM integration
  • Configuration management
  • Integration platforms for disparate applications
  • Web Services
  • Marketing Portals
  • Personalization and email management
  • Workflow integration

Why Work with us:

  • A focus of requirements.  With a Boston based team, we ensure that requirements are understood accurately and completely.
  • Agile development process.  Despite the project length, we plan for a release every 2-3 weeks to ensure shared understanding of the requirement and user experience.
  • Right technology selection.  We are not tied to any particular technology to tool.  We will pick what would work best for the need.  Often, we integrate open source or 3rd party tools if it improves the ROI of the project.
  • A focus of testing to ensure that functionality, performance and user experience meet expectations.
  • 24/7 visibiliity into your projects thru online collaboration tools and regular face-to-face meetings.