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Application Development - eLearning Application

Customer Overview

The company provides healthcare software solutions.  Founded in 1997, the company is based in Glasgow, Scotland.
The company’s focus is to exploit information and communications technology to improve the delivery of healthcare.

Business Challenge

To develop and maintain the suite of products in the healthcare domain, the company has a large team of developers spread throughout the world.  Due to staff turnover, the company was finding it difficult to train their developers on their many products.  Their efforts to train their developers by using traditional training methods were not working out because of turnover of trainees as well as the internal trainers.  Specific problems the company faced:

  • How to integrate existing code module into new applications?
  • How to bring better coding practices and standards in all their products?
  • How to reduce their training burden—both in terms of cost and time.

BayTech Solution

BayTech developed an application to provide online and automated training for all trainees.  This eLearning solution is based on open source LAMP technologies-Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
The features of this solution included:

  • Web based
  • Create courses
  • Create quizzes
  • Manage trainees
  • Submit assignments
  • Manage progress of the trainees
  • SCORM compatible


The BayTech application achieved the following:

  • Saved precious time of their senior project leads to train new developers.
  • No impact to productivity & deliverables - Employees undertook training during off-hours.
  • Improved the competence and performance of their development team on a continuous basis - helping them improve product quality.
  • They could easily modify the training content by using tools such as captivate, because the solution was SCORM compliant.