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Application Development - Content Management Application

Customer Overview

The company provides software for next-generation wireless phones that deliver Internet-enabled user experiences to entertain, inform and enrich the lives of individuals worldwide.  Their solution offers a one-stop solution for commercializing new wireless devices that significantly reduce development costs and shorten delivery schedules for silicon vendors, handset manufacturers and operators.

Business Challenge

The company’s portfolio includes a lot of products based on their Linux-based framework. These products have configurable features and are customized for specific hardware models from different mobile phone manufacturers. For each such mobile phone model, they need to create and maintain customized documentation.  They were finding it difficult to create and maintain accurate documentation as the features changed very rapidly, many documents had to be customized simultaneously, and delivery schedules were extremely tight.

BayTech Solution

BayTech proposed an XML based content management and publishing solution.  After analyzing the problem, BayTech designed an innovative solution by using a layered architecture.

  • The solution separated the content from its presentation layer.
  • By using an object oriented content model, we developed a solution that helped technical writers easily create, edit, and publish the content in different formats such as PDF, HTML, and CHM. 
  • The solution was developed using LAMP and platform independent JAVA technologies.
  • XML technology and open source XML-DITA standard was also used to implement the solution.


The BayTech application achieved the following:

  • The solution manages content, localization, and publishing in different formats.
  • The technical writers can now publish documents much ahead of the tight schedules.
  • The error rate of the documents dropped down drastically.
  • The solution reuses and repurposes the content - thereby saving development costs.