Development Services for Startups

When Good Enough
is Not an Option


To help technology startups with their development and documentation needs, we have put together the folowing expertise:


From presentation technologies, to app servers, databases and operating, we bring the expertise in technologies to help you in all aspects of software development. More on Technologies


We bring a broad expertise in a broad range of vertical, functional and technical domains.  Learn more about our Domain Expertise


We bring years of experience working with a wide range of tools:

Our People

Our technical team is staffed with 40 experienced developers, QA engineers and writers.  All of our professionals come with technical degrees, frequently a Masters degree.  For the US market, we only deploy experienced professionals who are also trained on communicating and working with clients in the United States.   For many small projects, we may typically have the required resources in-house.  For others, we have a strong pipeline of candidates to staff the required team within a few weeks.