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Development and quality assurance services

Functional Testing

Functionality Testing

Functionality testing verifies the software features against its documented specifications.  Our testing assures that:

  • The features of your product work as designed.
  • Each feature works in all possible combinations with other features.

Excellence in functionality testing is achieved through rigourous regresssion testing described below.  But it also requires anticipating and testing for different complex scenarios that users may encounter.  BayTech Services' pedigree in user documentation uniquely qualifies us to test from a user's perspective.

Regression Testing

Regression testing verifies that no new errors were introduced in previously tested software when it is updated or modiefied.  For each cycle of regression testing, BayTech Services will test:

  • The functionality for which the software was modified
  • Original functionality of the previously tested software
  • Change in the system performance after the change was introduced

We can vastly improve the efficiency of regression testing using S-M-A-R-T Automation.  Through our unique Test Management capabilities, we can track testing by release, patch release, environment etc.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing helps identify and improve areas that inhibit disable people from using the product with ease.  BayTech can perform accessibility testing on your product for disabilities such as motor skills, cognitive abilities, and visual & hearing impairments. We can also ensure that your product is compliant with international standards and laws on accessibility.

Usability Testing

BayTech Services conducts usability testing by documenting the responses of users that closely match the potential users of the product.  We measure responses in key areas such as efficiency, accuracy, recall, and emotional response.  Usability testing requires a strong user’s perspective, a unique capability of ours from our experience in user documentation.