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Development and quality assurance services

Legacy Services

Porting, Rewrite, Technology Upgrade and Sustained Engineering


Even though the development team is focused on new products, existing and mature products have to be maintained.  These are excellent candidates for outsourcing to BayTech Services.  Examples of our services include:

  • Porting from an old platform to a new technology.  For example, porting desktop applications to the web, or from VB to .NET. 
  • Upgrading a particular component of the application e.g. the database engine, the reporting engine or the UI.
  • Porting to a new operating system or upgraded hardware/software.
  • Adding incremental capabilities to existing products.
  • Developing a web UI for existing applications.

With a broad background in legacy as well as current technologies, BayTech can help you with all your maintenance needs. 


Your Benefits of Working with BayTech Services

  • You can focus your in-house resources on building new products, while BayTech maintains your current products that may be delivering a significant chunk of your revenues.
  • No need to maintain expertise in legacy technologies
  • No need to build expertise in non-core areas such as dealing with a variety of operating systems and browsers
  • Access to the niche technologies such as new reporting engines or web UI designs
  • Reduce the lifecycle costs of old applications