HTML5 / Mobile Websites

By 2015, 80% of web access will happen via smartphones.   The implications are obvious - mobile websites have become a strategic imperative for all.  And web applications have to be designed for mobile as well.  Mobile phones have limited power, memory & real estate that makes the user experience challenging.  Combining that with the large number of devices with dissimilar capabilities, developing and testing mobile websites have to be well thought out.

BayTech Mobile Website Expertise

We follow a well defined approach in ensuring that the mobile website matches the capabilities of supported devices & browsers. 

  • We will help you scrutinize your web data to sort out what is important to your targeted mobile audience
  • Determine the right content, relevant graphics and pictures etc.
  • Deep expertise in HTML5 to optimize user experience for mobile devices and provide cross-platform solutions
  • Dynamic support for a variety of mobile devices thru use of CSS3 stylesheet
  • Multi-browser support
  • Implementatiion of a variety of payment and security technologies
  • Application and widget development