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Performance Testing

From a user’s perspective, performance tests measure how quickly the system responds to a work load. For a developer, it provides important information about the performance (and eventually design) of individual components such as CPU, databases, algorithms, network infrastructure etc.  With many years of testing experience and a fully equipped lab,  BayTech Services is uniquely qualified to help you with your performance testing.

Load Testing

Load tests measure how the system behaves under varying degrees of load (typically a high load).  It measures the performance, determines software reliability and provides invaluable information to identify bottlenecks and fine tune performance.  BayTech Services can execute test scripts to provide information such as:

  • Maximum concurrent users
  • Max CPU usage
  • Possible areas of bottlenecks

Stress Testing

While load tests determine the performance under acceptable conditions, stress tests probe the limits of the product.  A typical stress test will measure when and how the system will fail.  Besides identifying areas (or bugs) for performance improvement, stress tests also provide important information such as what happens when the system fails, does it recover effectively or just crashes etc.

Scalability Testing

Unlike other types of performance tests, scalability testing looks at the performance of the system working on a different platform or infrastructure – either through an actual deployment or by simulating the new environment.  BayTech Services will test your application to determine the ability to scale the number of servers, performance on clusters, performance under fail-over conditions and performance in different environments or operating systems.