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SMART Test Automation

The benefits of automated testing are well understood.  It can improve cycle times, expand test coverage and potentially reduce costs.  But automated testing can be tricky.  It is estimated, that for one reason or another, over half of automation projects fail.  Startups and small companies face even bigger challenges.   Here is how test automation looks in small companies.

Test Automation - Status Quo for Small Companies

  • Limited or no automated regression
  • Limited budget for tools - home grown scripts that can be buggy
  • May have several "one time" efforts - difficult to reuse and maintain
  • No consolidated view of automated tests
  • Never have enough time to start automation projects - give up on automation entirely

S-M-A-R-T Test Automation

To make automation feasible for startups, it has to be easy and economical.  This is what we offer with our S-M-A-R-T Automation services.  Key elements of our S-M-A-R-T Automation service are:

Simple.  We write automation tests using a "spreadsheet" like language that is easily understood by non-programmers.

Maintainable.  Test cases are built using a hierarchical model of test elements.  Each test element is thoroughly tested and debugged.  Test cases use one or more of these tested elements - making it stable and maintainable.

Affordable.  The use of automation framework is included as part of our service - there is no capital cost for you.  Our framework eliminates the need for any expensive UI testing tools.

Reusable.  Our test cases can use test elements from anywhere.  Reuse elements from our library or reuse what you may already have.  Reuse one element in a wide variety of tests, to achieve a better return on your automation investment.

Tools and Technologies Independent.  We can mix and match any type of test written in any tool.  We can replace a tool if a better one becomes available. You will never be tied to a tool.