Software Product Development

Although the technologies may be similar, product development is very different that applications development.  Product development requirements are much more rigid and comprehensive.  Some differences include:

  •     Due to market requirements, deadlines for delivery are frequently inflexible
  •     The testing required has to be much more thorough as the exact usage is unpredictable
  •     Product has to be architected with frequent changes, updates and revisions in mind
  •     Versioning, custom deliveries and supporting individual customers requires upfront planning
  •     Delivering functionality is often not enough, performance, out-of-the-box experience & user experience is also critical


BayTech Services has extensive experience transforming customers' vision into winning products. We provide a wide range of services for conceving and launching new products.  Some of our services include:

  •     Prototyping.   Quick UI prototype can help you get the necesarry funding or the first customer with minimal investment.
  •     Technology and platform selection
  •     Proof of Concept.  You may require a POC of the idea to get started/funded.  This will also flesh out requirements & risks
  •     Alpha and beta product development, development of product roadmap.
  •     Product Development.
  •     Ongoing maintenance and support.


BayTech Services brings an expertise in a broad range of platforms, operating systems and databases