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Development and quality assurance services

Systems Testing

Installation Testing

To test for areas such as installation/un-installation as intended, in new installs and upgrade/patch environments and across the required operating systems.  With a unique background in writing documentation such as installation manuals, BayTech can improve your product's Out-of-the-box experience.

Compatibility Testing

BayTech Services will test your applications against multiple browsers, connection types and speeds, platform compatibility, relevant versions of hardware and software and operating systems etc.

Integration Testing

Often, software products have to be integrated with third party software or legacy applications.   Our Integration testing ensures that that your application integrates seamlessly with other applications.

Security Testing

Security testing tests an application to ensure that it protects data and user information as intended.  Areas we test include:

  • Confidentiality - To test for disclosure of information to parties other than the intended recipient.
  • Integrity - A measure intended to allow the receiver to determine that the information which it is providing is correct.
  • Authentication - here are several forms of authentication such as WPA, WPA2 and WEP.
  • Authorization - To verify that a requester is allowed to receive a service or perform an operation e.g. access control.
  • Availability - Assuring information and communications services will be ready for use when expected.
  • Non-repudiation - A measure intended to prevent the later denial that an action happened, or a communication that took place.