iPad Development

Although the iPad shares its technology with the iPhone, its form factor and large screen size makes it unique for a variety of applications new and old.  Its market adoption has exceeded that of the iPhone.  In the enterprise, it is now being adopted for a varity of applications replacing laptops at a fast pace.  For consumers, given its graphics capability and high screen resolution, the iPad has become a favorite device for web access and media consumption.

iPad Expertise

Our developers bring extensive experience in a wide variety of iPhone technologies including:

  • Apple iOS SDK
  • Objective-C
  • Advanced iPad capabilities e.g. dual camera, enhanced GPS, accelerometer, multi-touch etc.
  • Excellent UI designs
  • Thoroughly tested applications for trouble free operations
  • Adherence to Apple design, usage and coding guidelines
  • Universal development for iPhone and iPad

iPad Experience

Development projects and areas of interest include:

  • Social networking applications
  • Multi-media apps
  • Location-based apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Productivity and Utility apps

iPad Samples

Ambulance App