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When Outsourcing Documentation Work Makes Sense (and When it Does Not)

Much like software development, user and technical documentation can also benefit from outsourcing.  Large companies take advantage of their internal offshore units.  Startups and small companies can benefit from working with a partner like us.  Here is our view of when you should outsource, and when you shouldn't.

Outsourcing Documenation Work Makes Sense

  • If you have uneven demands with periodic bottlenecks.  Hiring contractors, an alternative solution, is difficult and expensive.
  • Documentation of established products, especially if development is outsourced as well.
  • Documentation that requires many tools and authoring packages.  Your outsourcing partner probably has them already.
  • Specialzed skills and domains that are difficult to find.
  • When you can not or do not want to hire and manage new employees

Outsourcing Documenation May Not be Optimal When

  • Your requirements are constantly changing - or your product is not complete.
  • Testing that requires very sophisticated domain knowledge
  • When it is difficult to provide product access to the documentation team.

Benefits of Outsourcing your QA

With proper planning and execution, outsourced documentation can provide enormous benefits .  Some highlights include:

Fast Turnaround

  • Immediate access to Technical Writers.  Unlike typical agencies, we don’t start hiring after a project starts. We have trained Technical Writers on staff, who start working on your projects immediately.
  • From a part-time resource to a large team of Writers and Developers, we can quickly assemble the right size team to meet your project deadlines.

Top of the Line Documentation

  • Using our expertise in the latest authoring tools.   We specialize in XML based documentation. 
  • Through our technology background and deep domain experience.

Easy Business Model

  • We can work on project of any size.  No job is too big or too small.
  • Our Project Manager takes over the ownership of the entire process to offload your burden of documentation development.
  • Easy on your Subject Matter Experts - we bring technology and domain experience.
  • Develop a long-term relationship and retain your product knowledge for future projects.
  • Focus on your core business.   You don’t need to worry about hiring or managing writers, benefits, office space, equipment or tools. 


  • Savings of 40-60% compared to hiring agency contractors.
  • No cost overruns - we can provide fixed prices. 
  • There are no startup costs or long-term obligations.