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Why Outsource Software QA to BayTech Services?

Benefits of Outsourcing your Software QA to BayTech Services


A focus on Software QA, Not Just Providing Testing Resources

  • Improving software quality requires a lot more than testing - and this is the focus we provide. 
  • With years of experience in user documentation, we bring a user's perspective that is necessary to improving user experience.
  • We utilize a state-of-the-art test management system for planning, reporting and metrics.
  • Extensive metrics and dashboard-based reporting for easy and realtime view of testing status and product quality.
  • Extensive use of automation - that is reusable, maintanable without the need of expensive tools.
  • Our services are performed by careers QA professionals - up to date in the latest tools and testing methodologies.


  • Savings of 50-60%.
  • No capital expenditures - we bring all necessary hardware and software tools.
  • No setup charges, no long-term obligations.
  • Eliminate all of your fixed costs.

Reduced Time to Market

  • Immediate availablity of resources, for short-term or long-term projects.
  • Test automation using sophisticated automation tools and virtualization.
  • 24/7 testing if necessary.

Concentrate on Your Core Business

  • By handing over the testing and QA responsibility to us.


  • It is sometimes difficult to separate development and QA in small organizations. 
  • We provide independent testing and validation for an objective view of your software quaility.