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Why Test Management is Critical for Small Companies & Startups

Would You Drive a Car Without a Dashboard?  Nobody in their right mind would consider driving a car without up-to-the-minute information about speed, remaining fuel and any problems with the car.  But this is exactly how many small companies operate their software testing effort.  Software testing effort is managed in spreadsheets that lack:

  • Real-time status of defects
  • Real-time idea about resource issues
  • Real-time visibility of global teams
  • Reliable metrics to gauge if the software can ship on time

Small companies think of test management systems as expensive and burdensome - this doesn't have to be the case.  With some planning and right tools, test management can provide:

  • A single location to design, develop and run tests
  • Real-time view of testing status and resource constraints
  • Information such as "Will my software ship on time?"
  • Insights into long-term trends and quality metrics over time

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